!f Istanbul continues to grow together with its free and independent spirit along with a polyphonic environment. The main goal of !f Istanbul is to unite everyone who has something new and different to say under this spirit.

Today, all !f participants and partners have established a sustainable communication and will continue to do so under “!f Concepts”. !f Istanbul has always been a joyful field and meeting point for different geographies and cultures. It has always been important to establish an area in which newborn cinema passionists could uniquely express themselves and create a whole new world purified from any concern other than production. By nature, newborns are believed to solely understand, express and grow wisely within themselves.

!f Istanbul has identified both young adults and adolescents as individuals and has looked at their ideas as transformative values. !f has believed in the independent ideas of young adults and adolescents because they are the pure core of humanity.

!f Istanbul has aimed at becoming a leader at creating an area where different voices could speak and everyone could listen to each other. With this aim, the togetherness of diversity became the main element of !f spirit.

Through the years, !f spirit was able to maintain its existence, independence and alternative situation and will continue to do so under all circumstances. It will continue to be a collective and polyphonic field and cinema platform.